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Rob Roy = Robert Roy MacGregor (Gaelic: Raibeart Ruadh MacGriogair) [1]

Red King from Ruaidhri. ri=roi

There are some Irish and Scottish names that were Gaelic spellings of French or German names - but there was also a time in history where the English wanted the Scots and Irish to use English names, which is one reason that name lists tend not to agree - hints at that below.

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Rory is the Anglicized form of Ruaidhri, an Irish Gaelic name meaning “Red King,” from “ruadh” (red) and “ri” (king).

Alternates: Ruaidhrí, Ruairí. Scottish Gaelic: Ruairi, Ruairidh, Ruaraidh, Rhuairidh.

Copied from [3] - male Scottish

Ruairidh — (RO-urree) Scottish form of Teutonic name Roderick, "famous ruler". Ruairdh (same pronun.).

Rory — Gaelic Ruairidh (ROO-uh-ree) from Gaelic ruadh "red".

- male Irish

Rory — (ROHR-ee)(Teut) "famous ruler"; variant of Ruairi. Ruaidhri, Roderick.

Roarke — (ROHRK) "famous ruler". Roark, Ruarc, Ruark, Rorke, Ruaidhri, Rourke.

Ruaidhri — (RWE-e-ree)(Teut) "famous ruler"; from Teutonic Roderick. Rory, Roderick.

Ruairi — (ROO-e-ree) from Old Irish name Ruaidri: ruad "red" + re "king". Ruaidre Ua Conchobair, last high king of Ireland died in 1170. Ruaidhri, Rory.

From [4]

Name Pronunciation Other Forms* Meaning

Ruaidhrí (m) RU a ree Rory, Ruairí, Ruaidrí, Roderick, Roger red king

  • names in italics represents names that have no etymological connection to the Irish name, but were used as English "translations"

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