Was the Missing People and the Severus Snape appointed Headmaster in the film part of the Potterwatch broadcasts?? --Danniesen

It says on George Weasley's page that he's the "Tentacula" referred to here. But wouldn't it make more sense if that was Lee, since he has dreadlocks? Fred (Rapier) is mad that Lee keeps calling him 'Rodent' so he called him 'Tentacula.' I don't think they're talking about George. 13:17, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

George Weasley

Can we tell what George's codename in the game is? In the game we know that he is called Tentacula by Fred as in insult. We also know that both George's appearance on the programme and him being called Tentacula is non-canon, both contradicting the book, having that being Lee Jordan. But could we say that as in the game it is George that he is codenamed River? --DCLM (talk) 18:28, June 16, 2013 (UTC)