Placement on the tree

On my understanding, Phoebe's placement on the tree is never given. All we know is that she is older than Phineas Nigellus's generation. So on what basis can we state that she was closely related to Eduardus and Alexia? --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 21:17, September 14, 2009 (UTC)

She was decipted on the same branch on the tree as Eduardus and Alexia. So, she was possibly their sister of maybe cousin, but sure, she wasn't their mother, on the tree must be decipted their father, who was Black, and that is maybe a man with a green hat; we can see him at the left side of the tree.--Lord 09:54, September 15, 2009 (UTC)


How do we know she is dead? -- Ratneer Owl Me! 05:51, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

Sirius is refered to as the last remaining Black in OotP. Also, in the image, there are two dates (birth and death) under "Phoebe". --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 05:54, January 1, 2010 (UTC)
Ah. Ok. Thanks. -- Ratneer Owl Me! 05:59, January 1, 2010 (UTC)