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I still figure that the Etymologies should be in the disambiguations and that the regular article should link to it - for example, say that Olaf comes from Anleifr and then See (this entry) for more info. That the full etymology should be with the names only if they are one of a kind.

Explanation for Edit.

Many names were Latinized (or Latin names were substituted for them) because those who recorded names only knew how to write in Latin. There was a movement at one time to ban Irish and Scottish names so English names were substituted for them (which caused confusion on name sites when going back to the original Irish and Scottish names whether they were Irish spellings of English names or had their own independent meanings and "acquired" the other meanings through association with the other name. That leads to the last tendency - to translate names. Wizards tend to associate with other wizards so you are apt to have wizards from two cultures come together. We don't know the middle names of most characters, but if Fleur Weasley was to give her children middle names from Bill's side, she is more apt to use the French spellings of them.

If wiki is anything, it is a resource for theorists and names are clues that can be used in various theories - especially since JKR said that she tended to give families naming patterns (though not always).

Not a direct link, click on the Olaf listing and Humphrey is listed as the Scottish Anglo for Olaf [1]. (Vaudree (talk) 04:32, November 11, 2015 (UTC))