Similarity to "Locomotor"

This spell seems an awful lot like the "Locomotor" spell. I hope its not just me? I think they might be related.

Not just trees! Boxes too.

I have found the really old harry potter site online. You know, the one with the sorting, the wand buying, and the games like quidditch tryouts and the staircase game? Well, anyways, I was poking my nose around in the Ollivander wand shop, and after I got my wand you can experiment with it in the shop, remember? So, I clicked in the upper left corner with my wand, it said "Mobiliarbus!" on the screen, and some of the boxes in the shelf moved forward out of its position in mid air, then went back into its position. I am positive this proves Mobiliarbus is not just used to manipulate the movement of trees and plants. It likely can be used with other objects as well, due to this obscure but solid evidence

Oerk (talk) 02:32, August 19, 2015 (UTC)