Omitted Cracked

I think that Cracked Magazine had a Hairy Potty and the Sorcerer's Throne (the last part is correct for sure because throne is another word for toilet and the picture). I thought that the Potter series was all hype and happened to see a copy of Cracked when going to the check out in the grocery store and hadn't read it since I used to read my brother's without his permission. After I read the Potter spoof in it, decided to buy the first Potter book for my kids and the second one came out soon after - think a month or so. That one was not listed on the Wikipedia link.

As far as Dana Larsen, which is listed on the Wikipedia link, the chapters formerly available on line for free were boring so the book is not worth the read - they were promoting it on, a political page, at the time. The publisher of Larsen's book is basically Marc Emery who spent time in an American jail over the same seed vending business that he listed on his income tax form and paid taxes on. Marc Emery believes that he was persecuted for his political beliefs. Considering the name of the political party he founded, that belief is not completely unfounded.

I don't recommend the book, but then again, I am chemically sensitive and figure that the fictional Potter universe would have no air freshener and no so-called disinfectants and no strong personal care products that make you dizzy and see double if you are down wind of a person wearing the stuff grocery shopping. I personally don't think that Bleach should be used in the presence of children because it causes adults to get dizzy and causes skin rashes if used in laundry and no kid deserves to experience either of those consequences - and there is stuff much stronger than bleach out now. Using strong cleaners in schools or wearing stuff drenched in air freshener to school denies children an education because it interferes with reading and memory and alertness. I don't feel that I can complain about the Larsen book if this other stuff is not only allowed but encouraged. The only good safe bleach is oxygen bleach, which is basically slightly stronger hydrogen peroxide - and that stuff you can use without getting dizzy or making the people around you dizzy. (Vaudree (talk) 23:57, November 18, 2015 (UTC))