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first name

I guess the first name is can be:

LILAC English (Rare) From the name of the shrub with purple or white flowers.

LILIAN English, French Variant of LILLIAN

LILIANA Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, English Latinate form of LILLIAN

LILIBET English Diminutive of ELIZABETH

LILIBETH English Diminutive of ELIZABETH

LILLIA English Short form of LILLIAN or an elaborated form of LILY.

LILLIAN English Probably originally a diminutive of ELIZABETH. It may also be considered an elaborated form of LILY, from the Latin word for "lily" lilium. This name has been used in England since the 16th century.

LILLIE English Variant of LILY

LILLY English Variant of LILY

LILY English From the name of the flower, a symbol of purity. The word is ultimately derived from Latin lilium.

- Guess you're Lily was right 02:11, November 23, 2011 (UTC) (guest)

But how do we reconcile the fact that her surname was mentioned in Philosopher's Stone with the fact that she was a "deleted" character (changed to Luna Lovegood), without disrupting the "40 students" in Harry's year?

Minervamoon 07:53, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

Isn't this girl just Luna before Jo changed her name and year though?

No, she name appears in Philosopher's Stone before Nott in the Sorting Cerimony. She isn't a deleted character.


I guess she is an HUFFLEPUFF!!!!

Everybody knows why she can't be a Ravenclaw.

According to Lexicon, she is not in Harry's house.

And in the "Sorting" ceremony she was placed (in alphabetical order) between Malfoy and Nott and after Nott, there was Parkinson. It i highly unlikely JKR would have put four Slytherins consecutively.

She is probably an Hufflepuff.

GianG (talk) 13:45, December 12, 2014 (UTC)

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