I think that it is rather ridiculous for some of these to be considered dark magic. For example, Flipendo (knockback jinx) is under dark magic? It simply knocks things backwards, it could only be used in a dark magic way to push someone off a cliff —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Kartoffelwunderbar (talkcontribs).

Doesn't matter. The definition of a jinx given by J.K. Rowling identified jinxes as a type of Dark Magic, so that's what they are. And, given how it's used in the video games, it can be presumed the Knockback Jinx causes quite a bit of damage as well as knocking someone back. -- 1337star (talk) 22:14, October 25, 2011 (UTC)
They're also suppose to be either humorous or irritating, and are the weakest kinds of dark magic. My point is that there are spells like Stupefy that aren't dark magic but can kill if hit by multiple spells. I wasn't saying that we should change it, just that it is weird to see it be dark magic.

DADA Position

Isn't the spell placed on the Defense Against the Dark Arts post more of a curse than a jinx? It seems much more sinister than the rest of the spells listed here...