My first try at a new article! :-D I know I have some spelling errors, but I'm thirteen, don't expect that much. Sarahgal

I know this is an older article...but...does this really fit with the rest of the wiki? It needs to be from an in-universe view...or recategorized as out of universe and tagged as such. What do you guys think? -- DarkJedi613 (Talk) 04:04, 21 July 2008 (UTC)
I agree... --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 21:41, October 28, 2009 (UTC)
DarkJedi, what do you mean, it needs to be from an in-universe view? -- GrouchMan (Send an owl then scram!!) 21:49, October 28, 2009 (UTC)
He is talking about the article's POV, which is currently out-of-universe. By the way, I question if this article really is necessary, as we already have Wizarding world (written in a in-universe point of view). --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 22:07, October 28, 2009 (UTC)
This page isn't really the same as wizarding world though, this is basically just a page of locations that are a part of the wizarding world. So maybe the page just requires a name change? Unless these locations have already been added to the wizarding world page, I don't know (I didn't read it very thoroughly yet.)XAshesx (talk) 04:38, October 1, 2012 (UTC)