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As Ginny was first born around the time the infant Harry defeated Voldemort, it seems odd that Ginny knew that he conquered the Dark Lord. Unless she was told about the events of Harry's first year in the Underground Chambers --Danniesen 18:14, 25 January, 2012 (Denmark)

Well it was also a pretty big event in the wizarding world, I'm sure as it shows up in their history books, it was talked about quite extensively over the years, I'm sure her parents talked about it, and her older brothers.

 BachLynn23  Send me an Owl!  The worst failure, is the failure to try.  17:35,1/25/2012 

Even muggle-borns like Hermione knew about Harry because he was mentioned in a bunch o different books. Just about any wizard or witch or would have known, regardless of when they had been born, because Harry's name was a household name, and the reason why was just as well known. ProfessorTofty 17:56, January 25, 2012 (UTC)

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