should this article exist? its really not a very notable duel, you know? there's duels all the time everywhere, why should this one get its own article?

its a random duel between a plump household wife vs an the most dangerous dark witch alive. the duel was a few lines long, it involved some shouting and a few jets of light. theres duels like that all the time, and this wasn't a very important event in the series. theres aldredy a long rant about it in the battle of hogwarts article.

Okay can we please get this out of the way, Bellatrix doesn't cast a SINGLE killing curse in the movie against Molly OR Ginny. She continueously used blue spells or curses.

this is a very unusual duel, as there are probobly the most notibale differences in this rather than any other duel between the book and movie, as Luna, Ginny and Herione and not duelling and harry and Voldemort dont even see this, and Bellatrix is not the last death eater, So there isnt really a point to this article, as nobody really knows what happend in the end (appart from Bellatrix dieing, but it is arguable how).

Pururs Terror (talk) 08:32, April 1, 2013 (UTC)Pururs Terror

Oooohhh, Hahahaha!!!!! You have no idea how wrong you are. This duel is very, very, very important! And no Hermione and Luna don't participate in the film, but Bellatrix shoots a Killing Curse at Ginny which she blocks with the Shield Charm. Oh, and Bellatrix does use a few Killing Curses, and so does Molly. So yeah, this duel is very important. --DCLM (talk) 11:52, June 12, 2013 (UTC)

Alternate Death?

"In the Page to Screen Limited Edition set, there is an image shown indicating an alternate death to Bellatrix, where she is blasted into the wall behind her and laying amongst a pile of crutches." Can anyone provide any kind of evidence of this? --TheMcPhan (talk) 12:35, February 2, 2015 (UTC)