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Page Merge?

I was just wondering if countercurse & counter-charm should be redirected here, since it contains all the info on them & more (counter-jinx should probably stay as is though, since it is more detailed than anything on it here).Green Zubat 03:59, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

Argument Against Deletion

Now, the page has been vastl improved since it was nominated, hence the deletion tag was removed. However, I thought the argument against deltion should be preserved here (in case anyone disagreed):

"It would be completely nonsensical to delete counter-spell yet keep the separate pages for counter-charm, -jinx & -curse for a number of reasons: Firstly, there is no known counter-hex yet one could theoretically exist. Without the counter-spell we have nowhere appropriate to describe this type of (theoretical) counter-spell. Secondly, there are generally counter-spells like Finite Incantatem that do not fit into any of those categories except the general "counter-spell". Like with counter-hex, without this page we would have nowhere to appropriately describe these types of counter-spells (indeed, Finite's spell type is discussed currently on th counter-curse page, which is not appropriate). Thirdly, it would be a lot neater if we just had a page of ample size with all the info from these separate pages collated than have several tiny, inadequate stubs. Green Zubat 21:57, June 28, 2011 (UTC)"

Other stubby offshoots have had their content added this page & redirected hereGreen Zubat 22:16, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

So this has often confused me. IS there a spell that would infact redirect other spells?

like for example (This example is only for very powerful wizards but imagination flows, ya know? haha)

say a Fiendfyre is cast at you, but the caster loses control of it. Would there be a spell where the defendant can take control of that fiendfyre and re-direct it?


Caleb c:

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