Hufflepuff student

Does the Hufflepuff student deserve an article? Male or female? Given the fact he/she doesn´t know Lumos, it seems likely that he/she is in Harry's year.--Rodolphus 14:51, June 2, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, the student is clearly in Harry's year, but we should get a screenshot of the boy or girl to make it's own article. Also, in most of the video games some lines are said by various students, as conversations are repeated. --RavenclawcrestThe Evening Prophet Ravenclawcrest (Owl Post) 19:21, June 2, 2011 (UTC)

For a BTS section.

Possible identities:

If a girl:

Hannah, Susan, Megan or Leanne. (Or the unidentified DA member)

If a boy:

Ernie, Wayne, Justin (though I´d exclude the latter, as he´s muggle-born, unless bogeymen live at Hogwarts of course)--Rodolphus 09:03, June 3, 2011 (UTC)

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