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"Harry's Swelling Solution was far too runny, but he had his mind on more important things."
—A description of Harry Potter's failed attempt at making this potion[src]

The Swelling Solution is a potion which causes whatever it touches to swell in size; its three key ingredients (the only ingredients in it) are bat spleens, dried nettles, and puffer-fish eyes.

The trio decided to steal some ingredients for the polyjuice potion from their potions teacher's private stores in their second year the day the class tried to make this potion. Harry Potter set off one of his fireworks as a diversion for Hermione Granger to get the necessary ingredients; whether intentionally or accidentally, the firework landed in Gregory Goyle's cauldron, causing the solution to explode across the class, causing the inflammation of various body parts; those splashed had to go to the professor for a Deflating Draught.[1]


  1. Add two scoops of dried nettles to the mortar
  2. Add three puffer-fish eyes to the mortar
  3. Crush into a medium-fine powder
  4. Add two measures of the crushed mix to your cauldron
  5. Heat on a medium temperature for twenty seconds
  6. Wave your wand
  7. Leave to brew and return in 60 minutes
  8. Add one bat spleen to the cauldron
  9. Stir four times, anti-clockwise
  10. Heat to low for thirty seconds
  11. Wave your wand to complete the potion[2]


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