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|name=Suspension Bridge entrance
|name=Suspension Bridge entrance
|location=[[Hogwarts Castle]], [[Scotland]], [[Great Britain]]
|location=[[Ground floor]], [[Hogwarts Castle]], [[Scotland]], [[Great Britain]]

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The Suspension Bridge entrance is a part of Hogwarts Castle. It is a little building located near Gryffindor Tower on one side of The Quad. The Suspension Bridge towers are located on either side and overlook the Suspension Bridge.[1]


The exterior.

It is a large entrance room, but it is not the main entrance hall. The large archway leads to the Suspension Bridge, while the Suspension Bridge staircase leads to the Third floor corridor. [2]

In the 1995–1996 school year, a portrait of Nearly Headless Nick was located here[3]. The following school year, it was replaced by a locked area with a Hogwarts crest inside. [4]

Behind the scenes

Suspension Bridge Entrance

Outside the entrance


Square staircase

The Suspension Bridge staircase, located inside this entrance

Notes and references

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