Surbiton Station is a railway station located in the Kingston borough in South London. The modern day station is comprised of 3 entrances/exits, two gate lines, a ticket hall complete with attended ticket booths, self service ticket machines and DMI (Dot Matrix Indicator) time tables, and two 'island' platforms with two rail lines serving each; making the total number of platforms 4. There is a small café on each of the platforms which are now operated by Cafe Nero. Surbiton is served by London commuter trains to London Waterloo, Woking, Guildford and Hampton Court as well as outer suburban trains to Alton and Basingstoke with 11 trains per hour in each direction. From February 1996, all these rail services were operated by South West Trains.


This railway station was where Harry Potter read the Daily Prophet issue after Death Eaters' attack at the Millennium Bridge in July, 1996. Harry encountered a Muggle waitress that questioned him about the Daily Prophet and him being one of the headlines. The lady also flirted with Harry.

Surbiton Harry Dumbledore 1

Albus Dumbledore picks up Harry Potter in Surbiton Station

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