A sundial

"A little farther on they passed a tent that had three floors and several turrets; and a short way beyond that was a tent that had a front garden attached, complete with birdbath, sundial, and fountain."
—Description of Roberts's campsite.[src]

A sundial is a device that can be used to tell the time of day, through the relative position of the Sun in the sky. In common designs, the sun casts a shadow onto a surface marked with lines indicating the hours of the day.

The Stone Circle, a circle of massive menhirs on the Hogwarts Grounds, was used as a sundial.[1] There were other sundials across the lawn.[2]

In 1994, at the Quidditch World Cup Campsite, a wizard had set up a tent with an attached front garden, complete with a birthbath, a sundial and a fountain.[3]


A stone sundial in the Hogwarts Grounds


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