Strengthening Solution is a potion that presumably increases the drinker's strength. It is brewed in at least two stages, requiring several days to mature in between, and two of the ingredients used to make it are salamander blood, and powdered Griffin claw. It may be related to the Strength Potion.


Severus Snape had his fifth-year Potions students brew Strengthening Solution in 1995.[1] When Dolores Umbridge inspected Snape's class, she did not like the idea of students being taught such a potion, remarking that she thought the Ministry of Magic would prefer that it not be included in the syllabus. Harry Potter watched this exchange between Umbridge and Snape, and was so distracted by it that he almost added pomegranate juice to his potion, but Hermione Granger stopped him in time. By the end of the lesson, however, Harry's potion was completely spoiled, being a foul, congealed mess that gave off an odour like burnt rubber. Professor Snape vanished the potion and gave Harry the remedial assignment of writing an essay on how to properly brew Strengthening Solution.[2]


Notes and references

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