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"That's no beauty spell, that's a Stining Jinx! Don't worry, the swelling will go down shortly."
—The unidentified male Charms Professor explaining the spell to a student who was hit with it.[src]

The Stinging Jinx is a jinx which is used to sting the victim's flesh, causing swelling, pain, and large red dots to erupt on their face.

Known uses

"Harry clutched at his excruciatingly painful face, which felt unrecognisable beneath his fingers, tight, swollen, and puffy as though he had suffered some violent allergic reaction. His eyes had been reduced to slits through which he could barely see..."
—Description of the effects of a Stinging Hex striking the face[src]

Behind the scenes

"You won't be winning Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award for a while..."
—The professor.[src]
  • It seems that the people who give out Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award are biased against those who have been hit with this jinx, seeing how when the Professor saw his student being hit with the jinx, instead of making sure the student was alright he commented that the student wouldn't be getting the award for a while.
  • In the film, instead of being cornered outside the tent, the Trio is found by the Snatchers in the middle of the forest after the Trio Apparate from the Lovegood house and is chased by the Snatchers through the forest. As the Trio is cornered somewhere else in the forest, Hermione uses the jinx on Harry's face.


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