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{{Spell infobox
#REDIRECT [[Stinging Jinx]]
|name=Stinging Hex
|light=Burst of white light
|effect=Stings flesh, causing pain and inflammation
The '''Stinging Hex''' is a [[hex]] that inflicts stinging pain and, in severe cases, swelling of the affected area. It takes the appearance of a burst of white light.
==Known uses==
*[[Harry Potter]] inadvertently used this hex on [[Severus Snape|Professor Snape]] during an [[Occlumency]] [[Harry Potter and Severus Snape's private lessons|lesson]] in [[1996]].
*''[[Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix]]'' {{1st}}
==See also==
*[[Stinging Jinx]]
[[fr:Maléfice Cuisant]]

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