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"That's no beauty spell, that's a Stinging Jinx! Don't worry, the swelling will go down shortly."
Someone reassuring a victim[src]

The Stinging Jinx[2], also known as the Stinging Hex[3] (incantation unknown) is a dark charm that can be used to sting the victim's flesh, producing a red brand like a scorch mark[3] and causing swelling.[1]


Stinging hex effect

Harry Potter under the effect

It is unknown when the jinx was invented and who it was invented by. Harry Potter unintentionally used this hex on Severus Snape during an Occlumency lesson. It resulted in a welt on Snape's wrist.[4] Hermione Granger used it on Harry Potter as a means of disguising his face when they were caught by Snatchers after inadvertently triggering the Taboo on Voldemort's name in 1998.


The affected flesh feels tight, swollen and puffy as though the victim has suffered an allergic reaction, and if used on the face the eyes are reduced to narrow slits.[1] It also produces welts on the skin if used on other parts of the body.

Know practitioners

  • Unnamed vandal


Notes and references

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