This Muggle woman rode the London Underground on 1 August, 1991.


Born sometime prior to 1973[1], this woman chose to ride the London Underground on the 1 August, 1991. She brought a newspaper with her to read, and had it open on her lap; however, she was so preoccupied by the vast size of Gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid, who was riding the train with student and friend Harry Potter, that she seemed to have completely forgotten about it, instead staring at Hagrid.

Physical appearance

The woman had straight, shoulder-length blonde hair, small dark eyes, high cheekbones and pale skin. She wore a faded yellow shirt underneath a thin, navy-blue jacket, as well as a pair of silver earrings and a golden necklace.

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. 1.0 1.1 She had to be of age to be riding the London Underground alone, and "of age" is eighteen in the Muggle world, as Harry Potter becomes an adult a year before Dudley, and Harry becomes of age at age seventeen. Besides, the wrinkles on this woman's face indicate an elder age.