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Fire crab

The gauge measuring Stamina Points, here shaped like a lightning-bolt, can be seen in the upper left.

Stamina Points, sometimes simply known as Stamina and abbreviated as SP, is a value appearing in most Harry Potter video games. Serving the same function as health points in many video games, Stamina Points serve as a measure of Harry and/or other playable characters' current health, and thus points are lost when the character is hurt. When this value reaches zero, the character is defeated and progress must be resumed from the last checkpoint. Stamina can also be used to describe the vitality of enemies, which are defeated when this number is exhausted.

Stamina Points are shown in different ways depending on the game. Many earlier Harry Potter games use a gauge shaped like Harry's lightning-bolt scar, while others use a more traditional bar. The two LEGO Harry Potter games use hearts to represent the character's Stamina, as is standard for those games. In some Harry Potter games, particularly the early handheld games which were role-playing games, the character's maximum amount of Stamina Points could be increased through levelling up or other methods.

Stamina can be restored in a variety of ways, again depending on game. Chocolate Frogs, and occasionally other wizarding sweets like Cauldron Cakes and Pumpkin Pasties, are common healing items in many games. Wiggenweld Potion is also commonly used for a portable means of restoring Stamina that can be used at the player's discretion.


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