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Squabbs Syndrome
Ailment information
  • No production of fire
  • Frequent sneezes
  • Keep the dragon warm, hot baths aplenty
  • Feed the dragon chilli, pepper and rum

Squabbs Syndrome is a disease that only affects Dragons. The symptoms include no production of fire and frequent sneezing. The treatment includes keeping the dragon warm and feeding plenty of chilli, pepper and a crate of rum four times a day.


Probably derived from Swedish dialect "sqvabb" (flabby skin), "sqvabba" (fat woman) ; or from, German "Quabbe" (soft mass) ; or else again, from Norwegian "kvabb" (mud).

Behind the scenes

  • The existence of the Squabbs Syn. is only shown on a page of notes concerning the book Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit that is available on J.K. Rowling's Official Site. The scan of the page is available here.


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