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Spell resistance is the ability to shrug off or protect oneself from the main effects of a spell. Wizards and witches may have this trait naturally, such as Harry Potter's and Barty Crouch Jr.'s resistance to the Imperius Curse. Young witches and wizards may often lose control of their magical skills when they are under emotional strain. This may have a defensive use when in danger. Magical creatures and beings such as Giants and Half-Giants may also have a natural ability to resist spells. Strong mental capabilities are required when resisting spells, which include resisting the Imperius Curse, the obscure art of Occlumency and non-verbal magic.

Giants and dragons have considerable spell resistance due to thick hides that repel all but the most concentrated and powerful spells, although they are still vulnerable to attacks on their eyes such as the Conjunctivitis Curse, possibly owing to the eyes being weak. This attribute is also shared with Half-giants, such as Rubeus Hagrid, who was able to resist stunning in 1996, although to what extent Half-giants can resist is unknown. Shield Hats, Cloaks, and Gloves also protect the wearer from minor to moderate hexes and jinxes, but would provide little defence against the Unforgivable Curses.

It is doubtful whether all spells could be resisted by a person of wizard blood only, such as the Stunning Spell, or any number of hexes and jinxes.

Magical Protection

If somebody willingly gave their life for another person or people they would be protected. This is called Sacrificial Protection .


  • Lily Potter willingly gave her life for her son Harry Potter, so when Voldemort sent a Killing Curse at the child it just rebounded and hit Voldemort.
  • When Harry Potter gave his life during the Battle of Hogwarts his friend Neville Longbottom should have died as Voldemort paralysed him and set him on fire, but Harry Potter's magical protection let him break free of the spell and kill one of Voldemort's Horcruxes.
  • When someone close to Harry dies, Voldemort cannot stand Harry's grief. This may or may not be sacrificial protection, but someone dies to protect someone else.

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