Fred Weasley: "See that TV? See the way it's sparkling? That means it's got a Special Jinx in it. To get the Special Jinx, you'll have to force me to hit the TV with one of my Jinxes."
George Weasley: "That will release an orb that you can run over and pick up. Anything that sparkles like the TV has got a Special Jinx in it, so remember to look out for the sparkles."
Fred and George Weasley tell Harry Potter about Special Jinxes.[src]

A Special Jinx is a jinx that is very unusual. These jinxes only exist in sparkling objects, such as a plant or a TV. When lured out of the object it appears as a blue floating ball of magic. When picked up they can only be cast in a very special way. The duellist never know which spell would be picked up until after they had claimed the object.

Known Jinxes

Behind the scenes

  • Whether it is coincidence or not is not known, but the four known Special Jinxes have the four Hogwarts School House colours, and the effect of each Jinx seems to represent a quality of a student of that House. Ravenclaws are known for their wit and fast mind, the blue Jinx is fast; Gryffindors are known for their displays of bravery and talent, the red Jinx is a triple shot; Hufflepuffs are quiet and friendly, the yellow Jinx is silent; and Slytherins show pride and superiority, the green Jinx is loud and is the most effective of all four jinxes.