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15:32, April 17, 2014Tumblr lyigdsno6O1qam4lbo3 250.gif (file)998 KBMisskatniss1546 
14:54, April 17, 2014Tumblr mzcjscIv761sowvulo4 250.gif (file)338 KBMisskatniss1546 
14:43, April 17, 2014Tumblr n2ijqhG3n41rtmlvfo10 250.gif (file)1.7 MBMisskatniss1546 
14:38, April 17, 2014Tumblr mc81m7sp3A1qa9jn1o8 r1 250.gif (file)821 KBMisskatniss1546 
14:26, April 17, 2014Tumblr lr9u4yb2oJ1qhvu0eo3 250.gif (file)385 KBMisskatniss1546 
14:14, April 17, 2014Tumblr m79sr9HhQ11ro7gbao7 250.gif (file)485 KBMisskatniss1546 
13:58, April 17, 2014Tumblr mm80qqESfG1rmesz7o1 250.gif (file)616 KBMisskatniss1546 
02:16, April 17, 2014Tumblr m8uf4pX4kw1ro7gbao1 r1 250.gif (file)947 KBMisskatniss1546 
01:51, April 17, 2014Tumblr lzgr9tz0u41qili3vo2 250.gif (file)984 KBMisskatniss1546 
23:54, April 16, 2014DailyProphetQWC2014.png (file)23 KBFlabshoe1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
23:45, April 16, 2014SundayProphet.jpeg (file)7 KBFlabshoe1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
07:46, April 16, 2014Snape boggart.gif (file)1.17 MBГенеральный Инспектор 
00:13, April 16, 2014Writing on wall.png (file)124 KBMisskatniss1546 
00:09, April 16, 2014Tumblr mhgmjjo7jb1qeed28o3 1280.jpg (file)35 KBMisskatniss1546 
22:37, April 15, 2014De.jpg (file)25 KBDavidBlack44 
22:36, April 15, 2014Geminio.gif (file)22 KBDavidBlack44 
22:24, April 15, 2014NorwayVersusIvoryCoast.png (file)35 KBSeth Cooper (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=''NORWAY VERSUS IVORY COAST'' |source=''Pottermore'' |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |other versions= |categories=Category:Images from Pottermore[[Category:Images of the Dail...)
22:06, April 15, 2014Dos.jpg (file)140 KBDavidBlack44 
22:04, April 15, 2014Do.png (file)85 KBDavidBlack44 
21:51, April 15, 2014Ron yHermione.png (file)258 KBDavidBlack44 
21:46, April 15, 2014Dragon.jpg (file)32 KBDavidBlack44 
21:42, April 15, 2014Gemino.jpg (file)109 KBDavidBlack44 
21:30, April 15, 2014Bellatrix tortura a hermione.gif (file)24 KBDavidBlack44 
21:20, April 15, 2014Borgin y burke.jpg (file)4 KBDavidBlack44 
21:11, April 15, 2014El tsunami de la copa.jpg (file)31 KBDavidBlack44 
18:23, April 15, 20142014QWC.png (file)610 KBFlabshoe1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
15:55, April 15, 20142014QWCLOGO.png (file)610 KBFlabshoe1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
14:58, April 15, 2014Tumblr mr9ycgijiW1qgx2ojo2 250.gif (file)387 KBГенеральный Инспектор 
14:28, April 15, 2014185px-21306107998859 359.jpg (file)4 KBPileofdoodoo 
02:57, April 15, 2014Tumblr mhnmwymQss1rlr2dlo1 250.gif (file)810 KBMisskatniss1546 
02:50, April 15, 2014Tumblr mfigpvo2ls1qdab59o9 250.gif (file)780 KBMisskatniss1546 
00:25, April 15, 2014Tumblr mrtmk4u7no1r1d9g4o10 r1 250.gif (file)736 KBMisskatniss1546 
17:44, April 14, 2014Padma Patil in 1993.jpg (file)63 KBHobbiton777 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= |source= Hotflick |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
16:10, April 14, 2014Tumblr mshyswGrIE1rhjaiio1 250.gif (file)725 KBMisskatniss1546 
15:53, April 14, 2014Tumblr n0lq3f9gci1qdd90po5 r1 250.gif (file)826 KBMisskatniss1546 
15:29, April 14, 2014Tumblr mzzopjUZkE1qkz0a3o3 250.gif (file)651 KBMisskatniss1546 
15:27, April 14, 2014Tumblr lxndz0OPBq1qcm4vyo1 500.gif (file)912 KBMisskatniss1546 
15:25, April 14, 2014Tumblr ltg1g14skH1qa9jn1o2 250.gif (file)444 KBMisskatniss1546 
15:04, April 14, 2014Tumblr n012qfgajR1rzvuwqo3 r1 250.gif (file)1.57 MBMisskatniss1546 
14:52, April 14, 2014Tumblr mzzopjUZkE1qkz0a3o8 250.gif (file)845 KBMisskatniss1546 
21:04, April 13, 2014Cassandra-clare-482x298.jpg (file)28 KBFlabshoe1 
14:12, April 13, 2014DeathlyHallowsChapter26Colour.png (file)381 KBSeth Cooper (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Gringotts Wizarding Bank |source=''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'' |author=Mary GrandPré |filespecs= |licensing={{Fairuse}} |other versions= |categories=[[Category:Images from Harry...)
11:32, April 13, 20142007 harry potter order of the phoenix 004-1-.jpg (file)721 KBHermionegranger44 
01:06, April 13, 201410150624 489206334513247 126629450619959759 n.jpg (file)38 KBPujianugrah 
18:46, April 11, 2014Gryffindor Boy.png (file)205 KBHobbiton777 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= A Gryffindor student from the third Harry Potter film. |source= Hotflick |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
20:38, April 10, 2014Aguamenti.gif (file)616 KBCarol.Potter 
20:27, April 10, 2014Alohomora.gif (file)1.99 MBCarol.Potter 
20:03, April 10, 2014Imageedit 1 4818419303.gif (file)768 KBCarol.Potter 
13:08, April 10, 2014ЅЛ¶уЖ® ѕЖјѕµе·№АМ.gif (file)3.77 MBГенеральный Инспектор 
23:34, April 9, 2014Tumblr mrw1t3ZavQ1qleyj1o2 250.gif (file)935 KBMisskatniss1546 

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