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"Dangerous" Dai Llewellyn to 1373
1374 to 1747
1748 to 24 August
24 December to Adrian Annis
Adrian Fergus-Fuller to Anna Spooner
Annabel Entwhistle to Auntie Muriel
Aura to Bernie
Bernie Pillsworth to Brazilian wizarding school
Brazillian Wizarding School to Celestina Warbeck's mother
Celestina Warbeck's second husband to Colin Creevy's camera
Colin and Dennis Creevey to Dancing with the Wailing Widow
Dandelion to Diabolic Dare Devils
Diadem to Dungeon Five
Dungeon Hall to Enchantments
Encounter at the Shrieking Shack to Finite Incantatem
Finnigan family to Fruit 'n' Bran
Fruit Rock to Goblet of Fire casket
Goblet of Fire casket carriers to H. Knighton's children
H. Knighton's offspring to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Nintendo DS)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (character index) to High Street (Godric's Hollow)
High Street (Hogsmeade) to Hungary
Hunter to January 2
January 20 to Keeper of the reptile house
Keijo Salmeda to Lily's wand
Lily (disambiguation) to Madam Hooch's office
Madam Malkin to Maxwell Barnett
Maxwell Lazenby to Molly Weasley's father
Molly Weasley's letter to Petunia and Vernon Dursley to Mystical Meaderie
N.E.W.T. to Oculus Potion
Oculus Reparo to Pekingese
Pembrokeshire to Portrait of a wizard in red
Portrait of a wizard with a broomstick to Quidditch uniform
Quidditch uniforms to Rocket Charm
Rod Freddy to Scabior 
Scale of Dragon to Sinistra
Sinistra Lowe to Spintwitches Sporting Needs
Spiral Dive to Talking via The Floo Network
Tall goblin to The Warlock's friends
The Warlock's friends (The Warlock's Hairy Heart) to Tripe (witch)
Triple Jinx to Unidentified Muggle woman about the train to Kettering
Unidentified Muggle woman on Chertsey train to Unlocking O.W.L. Revision
Unlocking Spell to Weakness payment
Wealthy man who owned the Riddle House to Wolverton
Woman Tended by Bald Man to Магичен Теория

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