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"Dangerous" Dai Llewellyn to 1365
1366 to 1731
1732 to 22 December
22 February to Acromantula venom
Acromantulas to Animagus Registry
Animagus Reversal Spell to August 3
August 30 to Ben Schoen
Ben Shephard to Brass Cauldron
Brass scales to Cedric Diggory's Wand
Cedric Diggory's dress robes to Colin Creevey's photoalbum
Colin Creevy's camera to Daniel (disambiguation)
Daniel Barnett to Diagon Alley South Side
Diagon Alley Stalls to Dungeon cave
Dungeon cupboard to Endurance Badge
Enervate to Fire-crab
Fire-making spell to Fuller's London Pride Outstanding Pale Ale
Fumos to Gobstone
Gobstone Club to HPW:HPG
HPW:IMAGE to Harry Potter film soundtracks
Harry Potter films to Hogsmeade street sweeper
Hogsmeade village to Ilford
Ilfracombe to Jelly Belly Beans
Jelly Belly Candy Company to Kingsley Shacklebolt's wand
Kingsley Shacklebolts to List of Wizarding books
List of books to Magical Law Enforcement Patrol
Magical Law Enforcement Squad to Melvin Catterick
Members of the DA to Moroccan National Quidditch team
Moronic Muggles to Nerys Orpington
Nessie to Onion Soup
Onion juice to Peter Pettigrew's magical hand
Peter Pettigrew's mother to Potter Family
Potter Family Monument to Ralph Ineson
Ralph Palmer to Ronald Weasley's watch
Ronald Weasley's wireless radio to Sean Ogbourne
Sean Peakes to Skirmish in the Forbidden Forest (II)
Skirmish in the Viaduct Courtyard to Start-of-Term Feast
Starthistle to Termeritus Shanks's owl
Terminus to Tiberius (disambiguation)
Tiberius McLaggen to Undetectable Extension Charm
Undetectable Poisons to Unidentified bluebird
Unidentified bookseller to Ventus Jinx
Ventus Tria to Werewolves
Wesley family to Yvonne (disambiguation)
Yvonne Bampton to Магичен Теория

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