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"Dangerous" Dai Llewellyn to 1376
1377 to 1752
1753 to 25 April
25 August to Advisor to the Minister for Magic's office
Advocates to the Wizarding World to Anti-Cheating Quills
Anti-Cheating Spell to Avery (elder)
Avery (younger) to Bhavana Patel
Bhupen Shastri to British terms
Broad, hunched woman to Charlie Ryall
Charlie Stainforth to Conjuration
Conjurations to Dave Legano
Dave Legeno to Documentary about Australia
Dodderidge family to Eclipse
Ecto Spell to European Union
European Wizarding Revolution to Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent
Flesh-Eating Trees of the World to Gemma Padley
Gemma Sandzer to Granny
Grant (disambiguation) to Harlequin Toad
Harmonia Nectare Passus to Hebrides
Hecate Oakham to Honeydukes Company Ltd.
Honeydukes Dark Chocolate to Isaac
Isaac Feliciano to Joshua Sankara
Joshua Savary to Laxative Potion
Lazenby to Lucius Malfoy's Walking Stick
Lucius Malfoy's crups to Maria Figueira
Maria Glossop to Ministry Elfin' Safety Enquiry
Ministry Hearing of 1995 to Muggle Music
Muggle Music (class) to November 12
November 13 to Part-Troll
Part-Veela to Poltergeist Passage
Poly juice potion to Put-Outer
Puzzles to Ripper
Rise of the Dark Lord to Sam (vandal)
Sam Beazley to Shutterbuttons Photo Studio
Shyverwretch's Venoms and Poisons to Spell Creation
Spell List to Sydney
Sykes family to The Three Broomsticks
The Toad to Trigg family
Trinity Lynn to Unidentified Muggle woman that Rubeus Hagrid nodded to
Unidentified Muggle woman who was looking at Rubeus Hagrid in 1991 to Unnamed pamphlet on Wizard banking
Unnamed professor to Weasley Vault
Weasley Wangler to Wools orphanage
Worcestershire to Магичен Теория

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