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"Dangerous" Dai Llewellyn to 1365
1366 to 1731
1732 to 22 December
22 February to Acromantula venom
Acromantulas to Animagus
Animagus Registry to August 29
August 3 to Ben Gordon
Ben Johnstone to Brandon Angel
Brandy to Cedric
Cedric (disambiguation) to Colin Creevey
Colin Creevey's camera to Dangerous vegetables patch
Dani Harmer to Diagon Alley.
Diagon Alley Arts Club to Dungeon Pit
Dungeon Portrait Room to Encounter at the Shrieking Shack
Encyclopaedia of Potterworld to Fire-Conjuring Charm
Fire-Making Charm to Fulbert the Fearful
Full Body-Bind to Goblin Rebellions
Goblin Rebels to HPW:CIFG
HPW:CP to Harry Potter and the Sorceror's (Philosopher's) Stone (film)
Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire to Hogsmeade Station Regulation 0098001
Hogsmeade Station Regulation 9698961 to Igor (disambiguation)
Igor Brand to Jeff Rawle
Jell-O to King family
King of Serpents to List of Harry Potter fan websites
List of Harry Potter parodies to Magical Chrome
Magical Committee of Anti-Hex Operations to Melanie (disambiguation)
Melanie Bright to Morgan Le Fay
Morgan family to Neil Cicierega
Neil Findlater to Omens
Omens, Oracles & the Goat to Peter G.
Peter G. (Godric's Hollow) to Potions list
Potions market to Raid at the Quidditch World Cup
Raid on the Hogwarts Express to Ronald Weasley's dress robes
Ronald Weasley's file to Sealing spell
Sealing wax to Skirmish at the Marble Starcaise
Skirmish at the North Battlements to Stanley (disambiguation)
Stanley Shunpike to Tenebrus
Tenem Musacitz to Three Broomsticks
Three Broomsticks Inn to Uncle Vernon
Uncle Vernon's Socks to Unidentified Wizard in Knockturn Alley
Unidentified Wizard killed in the Battle of Hogwarts to Vauxhall Road
Veela to Welsh National Gobstones Team
Welsh National Quidditch team to You Know Who
You Stole My Cauldron but You Can't Have my Heart to Магичен Теория

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