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"Dangerous" Dai Llewellyn to 1368
1369 to 1736
1737 to 22 March
22 May to Acromantulas
Action Figure to Angus Buchanan
Angus Buchanan's father to August 11
August 12 to Bellatrix's spell
Bellatrix's wand to Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith
Bowman Wright to Cast-a-Spell training room
Caster Oil to Cleansweep
Cleansweep 1 to Cuthbert Binns
Cuthbert Binns's books to Delacour sisters' father
Delacour sisters cousins to Driving test examiner
Drone Jinx to Elizabeth I
Elizabeth II to Fay Dunbar's Beater's bat
Fay Dunbar's broomstick to Forbidden Forest wolf pack
Forbidden XPotions to Gilderoy Lockhart's Valentine's Day Party
Gilderoy Lockhart's Valentine's Day party to Grimmauld Place 12
Grimmauld Square to Harry Potter: Beyond the Page
Harry Potter: Book Seven to Hengist (disambiguation)
Hengist Rawkes to Horace Slughorn's owl
Horace Slughorn's pocket watch to Isla (disambiguation)
Isla Black to Joseph Snuka
Josephina Flint to Last Gasp Badge
Last Word Records to Louisa Warren
Louisa Worley to Mandrake Elixir
Mandrake Restorative Draught to Middle Ages
Middle Courtyard to Mrs. Black Bushwick
Mrs. Blishwick to Nicola Dodworth
Nicola Wells to Otters Fizzy Orange Juice
Ottery St. Catchpole to Philosophers Stone
Phinaes Nigellus Black to President of the Council of Magic
President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America to Ravenclaw Wizard Duelling Champion
Ravenclaw common room stairwell chamber to Rose thorn
Rose thorns to Second skirmish at the Crystal Cave
Second skirmish at the Horcrux cave to Slatero Quirrell's second mountain troll
Slatero Quirrell's turban to Statue of Slytherin
Statute of Secrecy to Tent
Tent-fox to Thomas Taylor
Thomas family to Two unidentified Aurors who arrested Albus Dumbledore
Two unidentified Aurors who tried to arrest Rubeus Hagrid to Unidentified Slytherin girl II
Unidentified Slytherin girl at the Battle of Hogwarts to Valerian root
Valerian roots to Weather-Modifying Charm
Weather-Modifying Charms to Wrackspurts Unfuzz the Mystery
Wrapped Caramels to Магичен Теория

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