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"Dangerous" Dai Llewellyn to 1380
1380s to 1761
1762 to 25 Wildbrook Crescent
26 April to Afshan Azad
After-dinner mint to Anti-Jinx
Anti-Legilimency lessons to Avifors spellbook
Avis to Big D
Bigfoot to Broderick Bode
Broderick Bode's Visitor to Charlotte (disambiguation)
Charlotte Atkinson to Conjunctivitis curse
Conjunctivitus to Dates
Dates in Harry Potter to Doctor
Documentary about Australia to Eckō
Eclipse to Europa
Europe to Fledermaus and Tanner Bats & Skins
Fleetwing to Gemini
Geminio to Granger's wife
Granger Family to Hare
Harfang to Heather
Heather (disambiguation) to Homing spell
Hominum Revelio to Irish Phoenix
Irish feller to Jorkins family
Joscelind Wadcock to Lauren Wakefield (in-universe)
Laurence Estrin to Loxias
Loxias's family to March 3
March 30 to Minerva McGonagall's wand
Minerva McGonagall and Elphinstone Urquart's Hogsmeade cottage to Muggle-Born
Muggle-Born Registration Commission to North courtyard
Northern Courtyard to Parish Church of St. Clementine
Parisian opera house to Poison ivy
Poisoned vermin trap to Puppet Theatre
Puppet theatre to Richard Rosson
Richard Sky to Salazar Slytherin's Locket
Salazar Slytherin's basilisk to Shop
Shorna Ichikawa to Spainish National Quidditch team
Spanish Eight Part Course to Sweetwater All Stars
Swelling Potion to The Sacrifice charm or the Love charm
The Salem Witches Institute to Transmission tower
Transmogrifian Torture to Unidentified Male Death Eater (I)
Unidentified Male Death Eater (II) to Unidentified three successive Chief Warlocks of the Wizengamot
Unidentified two elderly Wizengamot witches to Warrington
Wars to Wizards' Council
Wizards' Ordinary Magic and Basic Aptitude Test to Магичен Теория

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