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"Dangerous" Dai Llewellyn to 1375
1376 to 1751
1752 to 24 October
24 September to Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Advertising blackboard to Anti-Alohomora Charm
Anti-Apparition Charm to Avery (disambiguation)
Avery (elder) to Bezoar Stone
Bezoars to British and Irish Quidditch League
British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters to Charlie Buck
Charlie Farley to Conjunctivitis Curse
Conjunctivitis curse to Dates in Harry Potter
Dating Conventions to Dobby's painting of Harry Potter
Dobby's shoes to Ebony
Ebony and unicorn hair wand to Eupraxia Mole
Eurig Cadwallader to Flea
Fledermaus and Tanner Bats & Skins to Gemino Curse
Gemino curse to Grangers' street
Grangers' sweet shop to Harfang (disambiguation)
Harfang Longbottom to Heather Bleasdale
Heather Thatcham to Homorphus Charm
Homosexuality to Irving (disambiguation)
Irving Cram to Joshua Flexon
Joshua Flexson to Law regarding ownership of charmed objects
Lawn by Forbidden Forest to Lucinda Thomsonicle-Pocus
Lucius to Margerie Dursley
Margery Mason to Ministry Authorities
Ministry Bill to make Muggle-hunting legal to Muggle Born
Muggle Burglar Alarm to Nott Sr.
Nott family to Parody
Parrot to Police car
Polish National Quidditch Team to Purple Firecrackers
Purple Flames to Right Long Gallery tower
Right Viaduct Tower to Salo Gardener
Salo Gardner to Shrinking keys
Shrivelfig to Spectre Bat
Spectres to Swott Malt Whisky
Swotts & Swotts Scotch Distilleries to The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Seven
The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Six to Trevor (disambiguation)
Trevor Birch to Unidentified Muggle gentleman
Unidentified Muggle girl from Liverpool to Unknown Fallen fifty of the Battle of Hogwarts
Unknown Giant to Weasley's Wet Weather
Weasley's Wizard to Wood family
Wood lice to Магичен Теория

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