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Patrons carousing at the Blind Pig in New York

A speakeasy was an establishment that illegally served alcoholic beverages.[1] Such establishments flourished during the Prohibition era in the United States, when selling, making, and transporting alcoholic beverages was against the law.[1]

The American wizarding government did not enforce prohibition during the period in which the American No-Maj government did.[2] However, in 1926, there was at least one magical pub which was described as a "speakeasy," The Blind Pig, which was located in Manhattan[3] in New York and run by the goblin gangster Gnarlak.[4][5][6][7] Newt Scamander visited this establishment when he was looking for information.[4]

The New York Ghost reported in its 7 December 1926 sunset issue that Aurors planned on shutting down speakeasies in New York and Los Angeles.[8]

Notes and references

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