The Sorting statues were four magical statues made of wood that stood inside the entrance hall of Ilvermorny Castle. They depicted the house mascots: the Horned Serpent, Thunderbird, Wampus cat and Pukwudgie, which held an arrow. They were used to sort the students into the four houses.[1]


When the student was asked to stand on the Gordian Knot in the centre of the circular room, they would wait for one of the statues to react. In rare cases, more than one statue would accept them into their house, in which case they could choose which house they wanted to belong to.[1]

The Horned Serpent's gem would glow when it wanted to select a student, while the Thunderbird flapped it's wings. The Wampus cat roared and the Pukwudgie rose it's arrow. The older students would watch from a balcony above the rroom.[1]


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