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Socks are short stockings that reach a point between the ankle and the knee. Socks appear numerous times in the Harry Potter books.

On Harry Potter's tenth birthday in 1990, he was given a pair of Vernon Dursley's old socks, and a coat hanger.

In 1993, Harry Potter tricked Lucius Malfoy into freeing his House-elf Dobby by placing one of his socks into the diary that he handed back to Malfoy. Dobby later tells Harry that socks are his favourite clothing. Because he was only given one sock, he thinks that they are worn mixed up. A pair of socks is placed in Dobby's grave after his death. The Dursleys often give Harry socks as birthday and Christmas gifts. One of the socks Harry was given held his sneakoscope until the sock was given to Dobby.


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