"However, from that moment onwards, Snickerton the tailor was unable to produce any item of clothing, no matter how securely he locked it up overnight, without finding it shredded to ribbons every morning."
Miranda Goshawk, Book of Spells.[src]

Snickerton, a Muggle tailor, ran a shop in 15th-century London. Snickerton's shop was nowhere near as popular as her competitor Delfina Crimp, whose dresses were reputed to make even unattractive women appear lovely (Crimp was, of course, a witch pretending to be a Muggle).[1]

Snickerton's rivalry with Madam Crimp proved to be his downfall, since, after successfully exposing her as a witch (after which Crimp quickly grabbed a bag of gold and Disapparated from the scene, never to be seen in London again), he found it impossible to make a single item of clothing: everything he created ended up shredded to bits in the morning regardless of how securely it was stored overnight in his workroom.[1]


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