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"The "Snake Summons" spell originated in India and is often illicitly used today by wizards who are called by the Muggle moniker, "Snake Charmers"."

The Snake Summons Spell[1] (Serpensortia) is a Transfiguration spell that can be used to conjure a snake. It is illegally used by Indian Snake Charmers. It is taught to 6th years at Hogwarts.



The Snake Summons Spell originated from India, where it is often illegally used by wizards who are called "Snake Charmers" by the Muggle society.[1]



The cobra used by Draco.

It was used by Draco Malfoy while engaging in a practice duel against Harry Potter in 1992 in the Duelling Club, after Severus Snape whispered the advice to Draco. This prompted Harry to speak to the snake, discovering for the first time that he was a Parselmouth and causing some other students to suspect that he was the Heir of Slytherin. It is very strange that Malfoy is able to cast this spell in his second year as it summons a live creature, a very advanced form of magic not taught at Hogwarts until sixth year, however, this may have been because it seems to be a sort of curse.[2]


Serpens is Latin for "serpent". Ortus is the past participle of the Latin verb oriri "to be created".[3]

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