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Slughorn was the surname of a pure-blood wizarding family.

The Slughorns were included in the Pure-Blood Directory (published anonymously in Britain, although widely believed to have been authored by Cantankerus Nott), which listed them as one of the twenty-eight truly pure-blood families (the so-called 'Sacred Twenty-Eight').[1] While according some value to their blood purity, the Slughorns were not overly prejudiced against Muggle-born or Half-blood. They were also considered very wealthy.[2]

Among the family members was Horace Slughorn, Potions master and Head of Slytherin House in the 1940s and after a period of retirement, again in the late 1990s. His father was a high ranking Ministry official at the Department of International Magical Co-operation. He and his wife had both died by the time Horace retired in late 1981.[2]

Even though Horace had no children of his own, the Slughorn family continued through another related line.[2]


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