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"...he was having enough difficulty seeing the one Bludger with which they were practicing; a minute into the practice it almost unseated him and he had to use the Sloth Grip Roll to avoid it."
Sloth Grip

A Quidditch player doing the Sloth Grip Roll.

The Sloth Grip Roll is a Quidditch tactic where the player hangs upside on their broomstick, holding tightly with their hands and feet to avoid an incoming Bludger.

In 1995, Quidditch Captain Angelina Johnson taught the Gryffindor Quidditch team this move. Harry Potter mastered it quickly and used it during a practice to avoid a Bludger. He hoped that Angelina would be impressed by this, but the unfavourable weather conditions at the time made it so that hardly anyone could see what any of the other players were doing.[1]


Notes and references

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