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Hannah Abbott: "Harry needs our help. We have to hold them as long as we can!"
Ravenclaw boy: "She's right. Attack! ATTACK!"
Hannah Abbott and a Ravenclaw boy[src]

The skirmish was a brief three-rounds engagement between three Hogwartians, with Ginevra Weasley in lead, and the Death Eaters attacking the Viaduct Courtyard from the inside. Though the Hogwarts students managed to hold back the attacks, explosive spells raked the vicinity and forced the three students to retreat into the Great Hall.



Ginny Weasley: "Neville, who is Hagrid carrying? (students and teachers mumble)'"
Lord Voldemort: "SILENCE! From this day forward you put your faith in me or suffer the consequenses. HARRY POTTER IS DEAD! (students and teachers mumble while Voldemort sends a green lightning-spell into the sky) And now is the time to declare yourself."
— The defenders of Hogwarts sees Harry's "dead body"

After Harry Potter was supposedly killed by Lord Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest, his body was carried back to the Hogwarts grounds and Viaduct Courtyard by Rubeus Hagrid. However, once Neville Longbottom took out the Sword of Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat, the second part of the battle began. Harry, only wounded and playing dead, leapt out of Hagrid's arms and began a battle with Voldemort and shortly after ran into the castle followed by Voldemort who chased Harry through the Grand Staircase and Fifth Floor Corridor. While the troops under Voldemort fought against the defenders in the castle, Ginevra Weasley and two other students defended the Viaduct Courtyard.


Ravenclaw boy: "Keep fighting... we have to win."
Hannah Abbott: "Harry needs more time. They're breaking through our defences."
— Hannah and the boy[src]

Ginny, the Ravenclaw boy and Hannah Abbott tried to stop the Death Eaters from attacking the Viaduct Courtyard. They apparated into the area, and began shooting violent spells across the field. There was much cover because of the debris of beams, pillars, and the antebellum stone walls.

As the attacks were stalled, the Hogwarts students defeated all three sets of the attackers. Despite the good job having been done, Death Eaters launched bombardments of fireballs into the area and forced the Hogwarts students to rush inside the castle to the Great Hall.


"You will never touch my children again!"
—Molly to a dead body of Bellatrix[src]

When Ginny entered the Great Hall, her fellow students were already in fight with two Death Eaters and Bellatrix Lestrange shot a Killing Curse that missed her by a shot. Molly Weasley arrived, warning Bellatrix not to touch her family, they dueled to kill.

Molly shot a powerful spell that hit Bellatrix, making her fall to the floor, dead.

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