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Sirius Black's second letter to Harry Potter (1995)

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Sirius Black's letter to Harry Potter
Letter information

Sirius Black


Harry Potter

Date of writing

2 August 1995[1]


Sirius tells Harry that Arthur Weasley informed evryone of the situation and that Harry should stay at home.

Delivered via

Unidentified owl

"Ignoring Uncle Vernon's ongoing rant about owls, and narrowing his eyes against a second cloud of dust as the most recent owl took off back up the chimney, Harry read Sirius's message."
Harry Potter ignoring everything and reading Sirius's message.[src]

This letter was written by Sirius Black to Harry Potter on 2 August 1995, after Harry's attack by Dementors.[2]


Arthur has just told us what has happened. Don't leave the house again whatever you do.


Notes and references

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