A silver dagger is a short knife, made of silver.


On 24 June 1995, Peter Pettigrew used a silver dagger to cut off his hand and draw Harry Potter's blood to provide necessary materials for Voldemort's regeneration potion.[1]

The Half-Blood Prince recommended using a silver dagger to crush Sopophorous beans, instead of cutting them, when making the Draught of Living Death potion.[2]

On 30 May 1996, Albus Dumbledore used a short silver knife, like the dagger Harry used to chop potions ingedients, to draw his own blood to access The Cave when tracking down Horcruxes.[3]

Bellatrix Lestrange killed the free House-elf Dobby by throwing a short silver knife as he Apparated from Malfoy Manor.[4]

In the story The Warlock's Hairy Heart, the Warlock cuts out his own heart with a silver dagger.[5]

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Notes and references

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