"These straightforward but surprisingly dangerous charms cause certain things to swell or shrink. You will be learning both charms together, so that you can always undo an over-enthusiastic cast. There is thus no excuse for having accidentally shrunk your homework down to microscopic size or for allowing a giant toad to rampage through your school’s flower gardens."
Miranda Goshawk[src]

The Shrinking Charm[2] (Reducio)[1] is a charm that enables a witch or wizard to decrease the apparent physical size of the target, both internally and externally.[2] It also can act as the counter-spell for the Engorgement Charm, causing the Engorged object to return to its original size.[1]

There are several variations of this charm, such as the tooth-shrinking charm. Using the Shrinking Charm on a human was considered both complicated and dangerous.[3] The Shrinking Charm was used as the potion-making spell for the Shrinking Solution.[4]


During the 1985–1986 school year, the Shrinking Charm was covered in second year charms classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[3]

Known practitioners and uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Jacob's sibling 1985–1986 school year Jacob's sibling used an Engorgement Charm alongside the Shrinking Charm to sneak into another House common room.[3]
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad July 1993 The Accidental Magic Reversal Squad was called when Harry lost his temper and non-verbally cast an Engorgement Charm on Marge causing her to inflate. They shrank her back to her normal size and gave her and The Dursleys a Memory Charm.[5]
Arthur Weasley August 1994[6]
Barty Crouch, Jr September 1994 The fake Moody, who had enlarged a spider with an Engorgement Charm, used this to return it to its normal size.[1]
Poppy Pomfrey October 1994 When Hermione Granger was hexed by Draco Malfoy, her front teeth grew huge. Madame Pomfrey shrunk her teeth with this spell. Hermione used this occasion to avoid having braces because her teeth were originally larger than normal teeth and caused her to be compared to a chipmunk by other students.[7]
Harry Potter 27 December, 1997 Harry, who had enlarged a spider with an Engorgement Charm with another's wand, tried to use this to return it to its normal size, but it didn't work. Later, he used it after he enlarged a lamp fire after he got another wand.[8]


The incantation is a Latin word meaning "to reduce" or "is reducable", fitting for this spell's effects[9].

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