Shikoba Wolfe was an American wizard or witch.[2] Wolfe, along with Johannes Jonker, Thiago Quintana, and Violetta Beauvais, was one of the four wandmakers who served North America during the early 20th century.[2]


Of Chocktaw descent, Wolfe was best known for crafting wands that were intricately carved. Wands made by Wolfe contained Thunderbird tail feathers as cores and were generally believed to be extremely powerful, but difficult to master. They were especially sought after by practitioners of Transfiguration.[2]


Shikoba Wolfe was mentioned on a Shikoba Wolfe Fine Wands advert in The New York Ghost in 1926.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • This individual's gender is left unspecified on Pottermore. Various official translations vary the gender.


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