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there are many chinese symbols on his wand and they are symbols of blessing and as severus loved lilly potter, lilly

means forever blessed in chinese and they covered his wand

Severus spell
Snape casting a spell.
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The wand of Severus Snape is of unknown length, wood and core materials. Presumably, Snape purchased this wand in 1971, when he was eleven years old and beginning his time as a First Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Snape Using Diasarming Spell
Snape casting Expelliarmus with his wand.
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Severus Snape Wand At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter
Severus Snape's wand.
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Severus Snape's Wand
Severus Snape's wand
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In 1994, Sirius Black took this wand after Harry, Ron, and Hermione disarmed Snape in the Shrieking Shack. He then used it to reveal Scabbers as Peter Pettigrew.

It is unknown what happened to the wand after Severus's death, although it is possible it was buried along with Snape's body (just as the Elder Wand was buried with Albus Dumbledore.)


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J K Rowling, in an interview, stated that Snape's wand was made out of Birch.
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