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"The end of his wand exploded. Harry watched, aghast, as a long black snake shot out of it, fell heavily onto the floor between them and raised itself, ready to strike."

The Snake Summons Spell[3], also known as the Serpensortia Spell[3] (Serpensortia[1]) is a transfiguration spell that conjures a snake from the tip of the wand[1].


The Serpensortia Spell was first created, sometime prior to 1992, in India, and nowadays is used worldwide (although usually in its homeland) by wizards known to Muggles as "Snake Charmers"[3].

This spell was utilised by Draco Malfoy during the first Duelling Club meeting in 1992 at the advice of Snape, summoning forth a black serpent in an attempt to attack Harry Potter. After a failed attempt by Gilderoy Lockhart to dispose of it, the snake was obliterated by Severus Snape, vanishing in a cloud of black smoke[1].


Serpens is Latin for "serpent"; ortus is the past participle of the Latin verb oriri "to be created".[4]

Behind the scenes

Malfoy snake

Snake Malfoy (LEGO)

  • The Snake Summons Spell and Bird-Conjuring Charm are the easiest living creatures to conjure.[5]
  • The counter-charm is Vipera Evanesca[2]
  • Although the book states that the snake is conjured (brought forth into existence from nothingness), the Harry Potter Official Website states, when a user attempts to cast the spell at the farthest edges of the room, that: "It appears the snake did not hear you. Try to cast your spell in the centre of the room", suggesting that the serpent is brought forth from elsewhere.


Notes and references

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