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|name=Seize and Pull Charm
|name=Seize and Pull Charm
|incantation=''Carpe Retractum''
|incantation=''Carpe Retractum''<br/>(KAHR-pay ruh-TRACK-tum)
|pronunciation=(KAHR-pay ruh-TRACK-tum)

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"...which is why the Carpe Retractum spell is useful. It allows you to seize and pull objects within your direct line of sight towards you..."
Professor Flitwick teaching his third years this charm[src]

The Seize and Pull Charm (Carpe Retractum) is a charm that creates a retractable, magical rope made of orange and golden light. This rope can be used to pull objects within a certain distance towards the caster, or to pull the caster toward whatever they affix the spell to. It is generally used on inanimate targets, although it can be used on plants or animals.

Although the spell is easy enough to cast, it takes a fair amount of force to pull the target upon which the charm has been affixed. It is easier for stronger, more muscular individuals to pull things than it is for those with less strength. Therefore, it is recommended that the caster lean backwards when pulling heavier targets, thus allowing their body weight to carry a portion of the target's weight.

Third year witches and wizards were taught this spell throughout the 1993-1994 school year in charms class by Professor Filius Flitwick, as well as in Defence Against the Dark Arts by Professor Remus Lupin. The charm appeared in the third year exams for both classes.



From Latin carpe, meaning "seize", and the English word retract, which means "pull or draw in".

Behind the scenes

  • In the PC version, only Ron could perform this spell, whereas in the console version only Harry could cast it; in the succeeding game, all of the trio can use it.
  • When used on inanimate targets, the charm is purple in colour, whereas when used on plants or animals it is orange or golden.


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