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Secret shortcut from the first floor to the third floor

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This secret shortcut was located in Hogwarts Castle and was comprised of three halls connecting the first-floor corridor with the third-floor corridor. It could be accessed behind a statue of a wizard on the first floor, and also round the back of some wood panelling on the third floor. The first room was large, with a single bookcase that one had to climb in order to get to a balcony leading to the second room, which was a large hall filled with bookcases. One had to jump from one bookcase to another in order to proceed to the next room. The third room was a large carpeted hall with very high windows and bookcases that could be climbed to reach the third floor.[1]

In 1991, Fred and George Weasley led Harry Potter, who was heading to his first Defence Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Quirrell, through this secret shortcut.[1]


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