A scrying mirror was presumably a type of mirror which allowed the user to look into the future or else see distant things magically.[1] Janus Galloglass, a mirror-maker in Diagon Alley, sold such scrying mirrors, along with other catoptromancy tools.[1]

Scrying mirrors, while obviously magical, are not considered to be a type of enchanted mirrors.

Behind the scenes

  • If 'scrying' is to be understood as using magic to find out things distant in space rather than time, instead of predicting the future, then it is likely the idea of the scrying mirror is an echo of the Magic Mirror from the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and other similar mirrors in folklore. Interestingly, another aspect of the Snow White mirror, namely its ability to talk, is echoed in a different type of magical mirror in the Harry Potter universe.


Notes and references

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