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==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==
[[fr:Famille Scamander]]
[[fr:Famille Scamander]]
[[Category:Scamander family| ]]
[[Category:Scamander family| ]]

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Newton Scamander
Scamander family
Family heritage
Blood status

Pure-blood or Half-blood

Notable family members

Extant in male line

Related families

Lovegood family




Scamander is the surname of a wizarding family. Many of its members have worked as magizoologists. They are related to the Lovegood family.

Known Family Members

Luna lovegood

Luna Scamander née Lovegood.

Family Tree

  Mr. Scamander-----Mrs. Scamander
         Newton Scamander-----Porpentina Scamander
         (18971991/1992)  |
                       Scamander      Lovegood family
                           |                 |
                           |                 |
                    Rolf Scamander-----Luna Lovegood
                                    |    (b. 1981)
                          |                                      | 

                   Lorcan Scamander    Lysander Scamander


In Greek mythology, Scamander was a river god who fought for Troy during the Trojan War. He was also considered a personification of the Scamander River, along the lower plains of which the battles of the Trojan War were fought, according to The Iliad. The river is now called Karamenderes and flows through the Turkish province of Çanakkale. It is also the name of a town and a river in Tasmania.

Notes and references

  1. Pottermore introduction for Hufflepuffs (transcription available here)

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