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Saxon, better known as Old English or Anglo-Saxon, was the earliest form of the English language, spoken in England from circa mid-5th century to the thirteenth century.[1]

The word werewolf derived from the Anglo-Saxon words wer, meaning "man," and wolf, "wolf."[2] Severus Snape mentioned this fact during a lesson on werewolves he gave to third-year Defence Against the Dark Arts students while substituting for the indisposed Remus Lupin in 1993.[2]

The Pensieve kept in the headmaster's office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and used by headmasters was made of "ornately" carved stone engraved with modified Saxon runes.[3] This proved that the device was ancient and pre-dated the founding of the school circa 993 A.D..[3]

Gertie Keddle kept a diary in "badly spelled" Saxon during the 11th century.[4]


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