Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Sara, I'm glad we found you. We wanted you to know that Bilius is safe and sound. He's been discharged from St David's."
Sara Farnham: "Oh, that's excellent news! But I just sent a box of chocolates as a 'get well soon' gift! I suppose I'll have to call the hospital and —"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh no!… Er, I mean… Oh, there's no need!"
Sara Farnham learns that Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner have found Bilius Finbok[src]

This box of chocolates was sent to Bilius Finbok while he was hospitalised at St David's Hospital by his Muggle neighbour Sara Farnham, as a 'get well soon' gift.[1]

Bilius, however, vanished from the hospital soon after getting there, and he did not get to receive the box of chocolates. Instead, they were eaten by Nurse Michael Babatola, who was nervous about having accidentally shredded an important hospital document. Not wanting Farnham to come to the hospital asking awkward questions about Bilius, Ministry investigators Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner offered to help Babatola by Mending the document while he was looking the other way, giving him time to come and apologise for having eaten the chocolates to Sara Farnham in person.[1]


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