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[[fr:Sang de salamandre]]
[[fr:Sang de salamandre]]
[[it:Sangue di salamandra]]
[[it:Sangue di salamandra]]
[[pl:Krew Salamandry]]
[[Category:Potion ingredients]]
[[Category:Potion ingredients]]
[[Category:Creature products]]

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A jar of salamander blood.
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"Salamander blood, Harry! Not pomegranate juice!"
—Hermione Granger[src]

Salamander blood was the blood of the magical salamander.[1] It had healing and rejuvenating properties,[1] and could be used to brew strengthening potions,[1] including the Strengthening Solution.

In 1995, fifth-year students at Hogwarts used salamander blood in their Potions classes. Hermione Granger had to stop Harry Potter from mistakingly adding pomegranate juice to his Strengthening Solution instead.[2]


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