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Sacharissa Tugwood

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Sacharissa Tugwood
Sacharissa Tugwood
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1966 (aged 92)

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Sacharissa Tugwood (18741966) was the first witch to use beauty potions, having developed quite a few of them herself.


Early life

Tugwood was born in 1874. She presumably attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (c. 1885- 1893) where she presumably excelled in Potions.

Career as Potioneer

In her adulthood, Tugwood would develop many cosmetic potions. She became famous for being the first witch to use such a potion. Sacharissa also discovered the pimple-curing properties of Bubotuber pus.

Death and legacy

Wizard Card

Sacharissa Tugwood, as featured in her Chocolate Frog Card.

Tugwood would eventually die in 1966, aged ninety-two. Her gravestone credited her to have made of the world a "more beautiful place". She was also featured on a Chocolate Frog Card.


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